concert series in Vilnius & Essen for experimental music

curated & organised together with Filippos Raskovic

lauktuvės, meaning something like “gift from afar” in Lithuanian, is a concert series and an artistic exchange in the form of a mini-residence between lithuanian and german sound artists and composers hailing from Vilnius and Essen that happened in May 2023. The two lithuanian musicians Adomas Palekas & Kamile Dambrauskaitė came to Essen to perform with local composers and musicians Peter Rubel & Theo Voerste. The artists took over the Neue Musik Zentrale in Essen during four days in order to cooperate musically in the form of a mini-residency and to develop a concert concept, which was presented at the same venue. In the following week, the Germany based actors travelled to Lithuania to present the concert developed in Essen at Studium P, Vilnius.

lauktuvės was funded by the Kunststiftung NRW, the Ministerium of Culture & Science of the Land NRW and the Culture Moves Europe Program of the European Union.

Neue Musik Zentrale, Essen

photos by teresa thomaschütz

Studium P, Vilnius

video by simonas nekrosius