concert series for electronic music

curated & organised together with Tim Pauli

the stromspiesser series consists of concerts of live, experimental, electronic music in spaces which are not specifically designed for this purpose. Instead of theatres or concert halls, locations more like exhibition spaces, bicycle shops, workshops, parking garages or parks are of interest.

the aim of the project is to offer an in-between space for electronic music in the balancing act between academic traditions and club culture. We want to encourage and promote young artists who find themselves between the independent scene and the academic one. Our target group are people who do not feel comfortable in either one of these two biotopes. Furthermore, we also want to reach people who havent had the opportunity to come in contact with experimental electronic music. The cosy, relaxed Sunday afternoon atmosphere, also invites attendees to network and thus promote experimental electronic music in Essen. 

stromspiesser XII at Tresor.West, Dortmund, July 30th

featuring Shuoxin Tan, Jung An Tagen, Hacklander/Hatam

fotos by anton vichrov

stromspiesser XI at Makroscope, Mülheim an der Ruhr, April 30th

featuring Mári Máko, Timm Roller, Rashad Becker

fotos by maja bjeljac

stromspiesser X at St. Mariä Empfängnis Kirche, Essen, January 13th

featuring Nathalie Brum, Victor Gelling, Laure Boer

fotos by tamon yashima

stromspiesser IX at Kunsthaus Essen, July 24th

featuring Ketonge, Ale Hop & Friday Dunard

fotos by teresa thomaschütz

stromspiesser VIII at Neue Musik Zentrale, March 20th

featuring Daniela Huerta, Ludwig Wittbrodt & Stotakoj.

poster design by ericka manuel, fotos by jonas justen

stromspiesser VII at Gitter Raum, Essen, December 5th

featuring Emilia Golos, Theo Voerste & Michael Brailey.

fotos by charly chapuis

stromspiesser VI at Krupp Park, Essen, July 25th

featuring Hugo Esquinca, Kraphük, Tim Pauli, Simon Bahr & Levin Eric Zimmermann

video by me