as clarinetist

premiere of “purpur” by Jiaying He with Spring Ensemble


Melchior Kupke, conductor
Aaron Wolharn, flute
Roberto Beseler Maxwell, clarinet
Muzi Lyu, violin
Rebekka Stephan, violoncello
Itxaso Exteberria, piano

performative concert with pieces by Levin E. Zimmermann & John Cage, for clavichord, soprano, clarinet & electronics.

22.07, Neue Musik Zentrale, Essen

with Sophia Falk, Martin Morales & Levin E. Zimmermann


July 9th
premiered new piece by Marius Bajog   “drehwurm”,  in Neue Aula, Folkwang University of the Arts

Georgie Powell - bassoon
Boning Wang - flute
Risa Higashi - oboe
Minjeong Kang - french horn

October 5th
premiered new piece by Levin Eric Zimmermann “ohne Titel (2)”,  in Neue Aula, Folkwang University of the Arts

Mariana Hernández González - violin
Sofia von Atzingen - viola
Ying Yu - keyboard
Tim Pauli - electronics


Januar 30th
played at frische klänge concert in Campus Duisburg, the concert series of instrumental new music at Folkwang University of Arts

Impulse II by Luca Francesconi with:

Bardh Lepaja - Violin
Mirela Zhulali - Piano