ya1 - festival 

day festival for contemporary music

1yet another

in the ya¹ - festival different representatives of spatially and temporally separated advanced musical traditions will perform within the performance conditions appropriate to their tradition. In this context, new music becomes one musical tradition among many. In the sense of a postcolonial discourse, the concepts of contemporaneity and the universally understood progress are questioned and reinterpreted. In order not to arbitrarily string together different traditions, the festival will be held under the common element of drone. Specifically, concerts from the traditions of Dhrupad, the Notre-Dame school, eurological New Music, Scottish Piobaireachd and electronic music.

the festival wants to contribute to the decolonisation process in music. The aim is, on the one hand, to reach an audience with a background in contemporary eurological music, but also to reach listeners who are familiar with other musical genres. The idea is that the respective groups are attracted by concerts with the tradition they are familiar with and from there move on to other concerts in order to enter a listening mode of "creative misunderstanding“ (Bhagwati). In this listening mode, other traditions should not be assimilated hedonistically or exotically, but rather facing "music [engaged] as tonal language" (Bhagwati).


ya1 - festival with Virginia Nicoli, Callum Armstrong, Johannes Winkler, Vox Nostra, ya1 ensemble, Tamon Yashima & Jakob Krupp

Essen Borbeck, 06.08.2022

fotos by Johannes Hör

co-curated with Levin Eric Zimmermann
graphical design by Ericka Manuel
technical team Theo Voerste & Tim Pauli
runner Jimmy Fauth
helpers Hoai Thu Tran

in cooperation with gnmr e.V. and CeBo e.V.